My full-time job is as a firefighter.  In that profession you often only meet people when they are having a bad day.  I had to find something that allowed me to see people on one of their best days just to balance things out.  I never played an instrument nor can I sing, but I always had a good ear for music.  A self-professed audiophile, it just made sense for me to share my passion for music with the masses.  I bought a small PA system and was off and running.  In the past few years I have greatly upgraded sound equipment and lighting.  I am constantly searching for the perfect sound, and relentlessly pursue a packed dance floor. 

In both of my vocations people are happy to see me, whether I rescue them from a burning building, or rescue them from a boring birthday party with some rocking tunes.

"Rick, thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful job. Your ideas and presentation of music for the ceremony of my daughters wedding was just so amazing and beautiful. The reception was so much fun, with the wide range of music you played it was great for everyone. The comments from those at the wedding stated it was the most fun they ever had at a wedding.  Again Rick thank you so much for your help and talent in making my daughters day even more special."

- Ann Doyle 


"What a great time we had! Rick was spot on with his music and it made for a memorable reception.  We had some strange musical requests, but he made it all work."

– Amanda



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